My Life Is Nickelback

When your life blows so hard, even song lyrics are inadequate.

Nickelback gives my life meaning. MLIN

Rejected by Jerry Sandusky. MLIN

Didn’t think I needed a jock strap for playing tee-ball. I was wrong. Still ejaculating blood. MLIN





Just spotted my girlfriend at the drug store buying a pregnancy test, a wire coat hanger, and one popsicle stick. I’m still slightly confused. MLIN

My roommate shaved off half of my pube beard while I was asleep. MLIN.

Special Guest: MLIQuad

Passed out invites at Princeton High School for our next rager. No one came. MLIQuad.

Just walked in on my gf getting off to Justin Beiber. She told me she wished I could be as manly as him. MLIN

Chipped a tooth on my boyfriend’s Prince Albert. MLIN.